Student Webserver

Welcome to the Fife College Student Webserver

This server is provided for learning and teaching purposes only.

The views and materials published on this webserver are those of the respective authors and not of Fife College.

All use of this webserver is subject to the following disclaimer, which you are required to read and agree to prior to entering the site.


Creating Your Account

All users with a Fife College Student ID number are eligible for an account on the Student Webserver.

Once your account is setup, your website will be accessible at the following URL: http(s)://<username>/ where <username> is your student ID number.

To setup your account all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log in to using your Windows 10 username and password with an SSH client or SFTP client.
  2. Upload the files that you would like to put into your webspace into the public_html directory in your home directory.
  3. (Optional) Access the Database Management Tool if you wish to setup a MySQL database on your account.
  4. (Optional) Access the Application Management Tool if you wish to deploy any one-click web applications to your account.

Note: Further details can be found in the Studentnet Account Creation Guide.


Getting Help

For routine help using the Student Webserver you should contact your lecturer.

If you find a problem with the system, please open an enquiry using The Service Desk or emailing Digital Services.